MAGIC (and it really is!)

I'm at MAGIC Fashion Week in Las Vegas and it's got crazy high energy this year. Every year has been great, but this time, things have been turned up to "11". There's something like 80,000 attendees from all over the world. It's so big, they can't fit it all into the humongous Las Vegas Convention Center, so they also fill up the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. I' super-lucky, I get to speak at both venues, today at MBCC and tomorrow at LVCC. I go on stage soon - updates later. 

Update: Holy cow! For my first session, they couldn't add enough chairs to handle the overflow crowd, so it was standing room only. Both sessions had incredibly great audiences. I'm such a lucky guy - I LOVE small business and I get to hang out and interact with thousands of small business owners regularly!